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Storied Lane Marketing was created in Pasadena, California by Founder & Consultant Katelyn Barchowsky, with the mission to help small businesses thrive and grow by telling their stories in new ways that resonate and provide value.

Storied Lane clients benefit from Katelyn's vast marketing experience and industry knowledge, which is tailored to their specific talents and goals. Katelyn helps small business owners share their unique stories and market their businesses so that they have more time to focus on what makes them special.

Katelyn's marketing expertise comes from over a decade of experience in industries such as hospitality, nonprofit, and retail. She has worked in a local private club and event venue, in a mid-size ad agency, and in a Fortune 500 company. Katelyn currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and on the Development Committee for Union Station Homeless Services. She has been featured on the cover of Business Life Magazine's 2021 Women Achievers edition, and she has been the recipient of two California Legislature Assembly Certificates of Recognition and a Commendation from Los Angeles County.


Katelyn completed Digital Marketing Analytics from MIT's Executive Program, and she holds two Bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Spanish from Penn State University, where she also minored in International Business. 

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Katelyn Barchowsky smiling and sitting on a stool


Katelyn's grandmother sitting in a car in the late 1940s

Like many small businesses, Storied Lane Marketing is inspired by family, and it is named in honor of Katelyn's late grandmother.

During a time when women were discouraged from the workplace, Katelyn's grandmother was a salesperson in the furniture business, often taking trips for sales calls and markets. She was strong in the face of adversity with a fierce belief in herself, which she also instilled in those she loved. From a young age, Katelyn's grandmother taught her to have confidence in herself and envision herself as a leader. She was a true matriarch and one of the most formative figures in Katelyn's life, and her memory lives on in the hearts of her family -- and now in Storied Lane as well.

Storied Lane is also inspired by Katelyn's grandfathers, both of whom owned small family businesses in Pennsylvania. One of these multi-generational businesses is still run by family today, and Katelyn has wonderful memories of visiting and learning about its history throughout her life.

Small businesses are personal, and they should be. They are the backbone of families and the communities they serve, and they each have a special story to tell. Through Storied Lane Marketing, Katelyn helps small businesses do just that.

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